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General questions

  • 1)Loans guides

    We have scrutinized loans to explain how to reclaim PPI charges, the difference between secured and unsecured loans, business loans and essential top tips you must read before you borrow.

  • 2)The fastest way to get a loan

    We look at your options for getting cash fast if you have an unexpected emergency that requires money you don’t have.

  • 3)What is the easiest personal loan to get approved for

    If you’re looking for a personal loan but are concerned about whether you’ll be accepted, our guide can help you learn what lenders are looking for and how to find the easiest to be approved for.

  • 4)Bank of England increases interest rates to 10% - what it means for your money

    The Bank of England has just raised interest rates to 3%, their highest level since November 2008. Here's what it means for your savings, mortgages and other borrowing

  • 5)Can you still get a loan if you're retiring?

    Yes, you can still apply for a loan when you retire, but there are several factors you should consider before you do.

  • 6)Can you borrow money for someone else?

    While it's possible to take out a loan on someone else's behalf, it carries a lot of risk. Make sure the person you are borrowing for can afford to repay you, or you could be saddled with an unwanted debt.

  • 7)Can you get a loan if you are unemployed?

    If you are not in regular employment, you will struggle to get a standard loan from a high street lender. A specialist lender may be able to help you, but borrowing may come with higher costs.

  • 8)How to pay off a loan

    Before applying for a loan, it’s important to ensure you can afford to repay the amount you want to borrow. Find out more in our guide.

  • 9)Are student loans worth it?

    Taking on $40,000 in student debt might seem daunting, but the headline figure has nothing to do with what you’ll eventually repay. Here we explain why student loans are usually the cheapest way to fund university or college